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acquario le navi cattolica


The largest aquarium in the Adriatic awaits you with over 100 display tanks and 2,500,000 liters of seawater containing 3000 specimens of 400 species. The four routes Cattolica Aquarium, will lead you in a sea of colour and fun: clown fish, turtles, jellyfish, chameleons, frogs, penguins and large bull sharks will help you know the sea and love it.
NEW SUMMER 2010!: "Here come the penguins Aquarium of Cattolica," in a large exhibition dedicated to them!
aquafan riccione


Aquafan, the most famous water park in Europe, owes its huge success to the fact that is not just a water park. In 20 years of activity Aquafan has always succeeded in leaving its mark on fashions and trends. Aquafan aims to offer to the public real emotions, emotions that go far beyond its fantastic waterslides and games and its pleasant, green surroundings. Aquafan is a "Place of Opportunities": opportunities for living and opportunities for reliving various events, initiatives, gatherings and surprise entertainment that the park has planned to organise for this coming season.
oltremare riccione


Oltremare – fly on the wings of adventure.
Oltremare, a new theme park, will immerse you in a GREAT ADVENTURE from the BEGINNING OF LIFE ON EARTH to the marvels of the Adriatic Sea and the charm of our animals. Oltremare is a JOURNEY THROUGH TIME and space with lots of ADVENTURE ROUTES and exciting attractions.
imax riccione


IMAX offers the most spectacular and exciting cinematographic experience in the world. Two and three-dimension films are shown in a giant screen of over 600 square metres, as tall as a 7-storey building and wide enough to show a razorback whale, spectators have the privilege of visiting and exploring distant places, entering a completely new dimension and living an unforgettable adventure.
IMAX goes beyond the cinema: wonder, amazement and discovery.
mirabilandia parco divertimento


Mirabilandia is simply the biggest Italian amusement park. Located near Ravenna, covers an area of 850.00 square meters. Mirabilandia offers hundreds of thrilling entertainment and a host of attractions that make it a coveted destination in Europe. You can make a turn into the biggest roller coaster in Europe or go to the impressive Ferris Wheel, immerse yourself in futuristic atmospheres of Reset, Year Zero and Mirabilandia Beach, the beautiful tropical beach in the park.
italia in miniatura


Italy in Miniature is a theme park dedicated to historical, architectural and cultural Italian able to merge by 1970, the fun and learning.
Only here, in addition to experiencing great emotions, you can "travel" and even learn to walk through the 272 perfect scale reproductions of architectural wonders of the "beautiful country".
fiabilandia rimini


An ideal place for the whole family with over 30 attractions surrounded by 150,000 square meters of green and engaging live shows, fantasy and imagination combine to give you a very special day!

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